Medal of Honor Convention Quilt Presented to ETHS

At the recent convention, Medal of Honor recipients received hand-made quilts from local quilting guilds.  Kit Brown, treasurer of the Smoky Mountains Quilters Guild, came up with the idea when she first heard that the convention would be held in Knoxville.  For a year and a half, quilters have worked hard to create beautiful works of art for the Medal of Honor recipients.  The quilts were specifically designed for each recipient, reflecting the quilter’s personal connection to the soldier chosen to receive the quilt.

There was also a quilt designed for the Medal of Honor Convention itself.  It has intricate details such as the outline of the State of Tennessee with each county being represented and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society logo is the top of the Sunsphere.  The names of all the Tennessee recipients are listed on the front of the quilt and each branch of service is honored as well.  An eagle is beautifully stitched on each side of the convention logo.  The East Tennessee Historical Society has been chosen to protect and preserve this quilt!  Watch for details about an upcoming event to showcase this wonderful addition to our collection.Medal of Honor Quilt