Oak Ridge Secret City

Photographic History Exhibit
June 19, 2013 to August 7, 2013
Bilo Nelson Auditorium


This photographic exhibit tells the story of world-changing events, people and places in East Tennessee. The story begins in 1942 at a most unusual place first called the Kingston Demolition Range, then Clinton Engineer Works and finally known as Oak Ridge. Many of the exhibit photographs were taken by Ed Westcott, the official photographer of the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge. Ed’s eye for exceptional photography produced an enduring body of work and one of the world’s best photographic historical records.
Without his photographs, East Tennessee’s contribution to what many consider the most significant scientific and industrial accomplishment in the history of the world would not be so well documented.
This booklet supplements the photographic exhibit and provides additional details for selected images. As you view the exhibit, each photograph tells a portion of the overall story. The photo labels focus on the specific historic event, people or place.
Please study the artistic elements of Ed’s work – his uncanny ability to portray the normal everyday lives of his subjects as well as the vital work they were doing, in secret, hoping they would help end the war.

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Exhibition organized by Ray Smith, Y-12 Historian

To schedule an exhibition of these photographs at your location, please contact Ray Smith at 865-851-6423 or by e-mail.