Fountain City People Who Made a Difference

J. C. (Jim) Tumblin

Long-time columnist and Fountain Citian Dr. Jim Tumblin writes the history of his beloved native soil, by telling the life stories of fifty-six of its extraordinary citizens. Beginning with the first permanent white settlement in 1788, the author traces the establishment and growth of the area through the people and families who left their mark on what would become one of the largest unincorporated cities in the United States, before it was annexed by Knoxville in 1962.

The story of Fountain City begins with John Adair, who established Fort Adair two years after James White's fort was built in the area that would become Knoxville. The book is divided into five sections, each highlighting eras of change and development that would contribute to the unique heritage of a community that continues to retain a stubbornly independent character even today.

After John Adair, Fountain City found its next champion in Col. J.C. Woodard, who liquidated his assets in Lexington, KY, to purchase 431 acres, including the Fountain Head Hotel and Resort. Woodward's Fountain Head Land Company would be responsible for impounding Fountain City Lake and developing the surrounding lots both as a destination resort and amenity-filled neighborhood. Fifty years later his legacy would be preserved by the efforts of Dr. H.E. Goetz and his attorney Judge John W. Green, who fought ( and won) a legal battle to maintain the park and lake for public use.

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