Smoky Mountain Tales Feuds, Murder and Mayhem Vol. II

Dr. Gail Palmer

Dr. Gail Palmer adds Volume 2 to her award-winning Smoky Mountain Series, Feuds, Murder & Mayhem through creative non-fiction in which she tells true stories as fiction. Dialogue is sometimes based on court transcripts and creates a fascinating account of events in the lives of individuals living in the Smoky Mountains in the 1800s and early 1900s. Take yourself back in time to experience going with the sheriff as he and his "deputies" track down a still in the mountains near Cades Cove; look over the shoulder of Leauna Fisher as she makes biscuits for the men working in a lumber camp on Bote Mountain; walk with Doc Edd Conner of OconaLuftee, NC, as he decides to hold his funeral many years before his death; learn where these folks are buried; read a second version of "Golddigger's" story and why he went to California (one version is in Volume 1 of Feuds, Murder & Mayhem; go with three doctors who do a midnight autopsy by candlelight in a riverside cave to try to learn why a woman died. Learn about why a baby was killed and stuffed inside a hollow log during the Civil War. It's all there in ten short stories written in vivid detail. 2013; 224 pages.

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