The Tennessee & Virginia Cookbook 2018 Mabry-Hazen Edition

Edited By Patrick J Hollis

Originally published in 1911 by the women of First Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee and Central Presbyterian Church of Bristol, Virginia, this heritage cookbook was rediscovered during conservation efforts at the Mabry-Hazen House following a fire in the museum's collection room. Filled with nearly a thousand recipes, the cookbook documents the cooking styles, culinary techniques, and favorite dishes of over two hundred women from southern Appalachia. With recipes dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and earlier, the cookbook recalls the dishes of their mothers and grandmothers as new technologies, beliefs, and tastes transformed the American diet in the twentieth century. Published by Storyhaus Media, this limited-edition reprint commemorates the 160th anniversary of Mabry-Hazen House and the women who shared their good tastes. Proceeds from the sale of this book support the mission of the Hazen Historical Museum Foundation as well as the original author church congregations. 182 pages; hardback.

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9 × 1 × 6 in